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This ALL-IN-ONE superfood is made from equal weight of Live Dubia Roaches.
It is recommended instant diet for reptiles/amphibians:
Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Arowana, Blue Tongue Skink, Chameleon, Monitor Lizard, Argentine Black / White Tegu, Iguana, Green Anole, Water Dragon, Horned Frog, Terrapin, Snapping Turtle, Rodent, Hedgehog, Sugar Hlider, Skunk, Opossum, etc.

It can be used as a substitute for most of the live feeder insects:
Dubia Roach, Discoid Roach, Hornworm, Superworm, Mealworm, Waxworm,Silkworm, Cricket, Grasshopper, Butterworm, Phoenix Worm, Dragonfly Larvae, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, etc.

Our manufacturing method preserves rich protein, calcium, and vitamins within Dubia roaches.
We also add a variety of natural ingredients. Rich vitamins can effectively prevent eye protruding, edema, spinal curvature, growth arrested, etc. Rich vitamins can also promote the absorption of calcium and improve the resistance.
There is no need to add extra calcium and vitamins.

1.Tiling the food pellets in the dish, use a spray bottle to sprinkle water evenly.
2.The water level should not exceed the height of the food pellets.(Not a strict requirement)
3.Soaking for about 30-60 mins to make food pellets absorb water sufficiently.
4.For busy office workers and students, soaking a night earlier and feeding in the morning could be a more convenient way.
5.Use tissue to absorb excess water on the surface of food pellets.
*The perfectly soaked food pellets are springy, slightly dry and no excess water on the surface.

Qty per feeding:
1g = 10 pellets
For 1 adult bearded dragon, about 30 pellets per feeding, 1 feeding per day.
For 1 juvenile bearded dragon, about 1~5 pellets per feeding, 2~3 feeding per day.
For leopard gecko, 1 feeding per day. Adult: 10 pellets per feeding, juvenile: 1~3 pellets per feeding.
They will stop eating when they are full, don't worry about they eating too much.