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This is our exclusive roach breeding condo, proven and shop tested to provide a simple and space saving, self reliant breeding environment for many species of roaches. Tested here on dubia for colonizing Adult breeders.

We had excellent results with producing a excellent number of baby nymphs out of a Ratio of 500 Female to 100 Male Dubia 5/1.

The test consisted of 15 days with a group of sexually mature males and females.  We harvested 3100 nymphs with an average weight of .032 each.

This average comes to a production of 206 baby nymphs produced each day over the 15 day period.

I am continuing to test the same group over the next 45 days and will report a 60 day cycle when completed.

Vents placed to hold needed humidity with excellent air exchange and minimal heat loss.

Use the large 4 inch vent in front to spray sparingly water directly into the condo unto the flatts if required for humidity increase without disturbing the colony.

We also tested it to grow out Medium Nymphs into Adults with little to no loss, and proved out to be very healthy plump Adult Females and very active Males.

Designed to be heated from the bottom with a Temp Controller to regulate a heat mat/pad. ( Purchased separate as a option ) 

If your reptile room is 84-88 degree's no additional heat is needed for ultimate nymph production.

Add the controller and mat and get that ideal variance of temp for more success in baby production.

We do not recommend using any heat mat/pad without the correct controller to regulate and shut off the unit once the upper limit is met.

Our controller is simple to set up and all connections are plug and play.  Simply plug in the mat to the controller, plug the controller into a 120 volt wall outlet, place the temperature probe inside 6 inches from the bottom of the condo this is all that is required for wiring.

Follow the provided instructions with the controller to set the set point temp and your good to go.

Another bonus is the heat mat is long enough to cover two condos on the one controller with no issues.

This is a great way to breed some of your own dubia and save some feeder cost.

Condo comes with a set of egg flats in place for climbs, a low profile feeder bowl for top access through the hinged lid and a Care sheet from us to help you to be a successful  Dubia breeder.

We also suggest baby carrot, cucumber slices, apple slices orange slices for hydration for the roaches.  Also our Safe water polymer crystals in a shallow dish up top works great as well.

Good Breeding to you !!