Q When will my order ship ?

A We ship Mondays Through Thursday USPS priority mail.  If your order is made after 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time on Thursday it will ship the following Monday.


Q. How long does it take to get my order ?

A.USPS estimated time on priority mail is 2-3 days sometimes longer depending on your location.. (this is their estimated time not guaranteed)


Q  Can I get overnight /or 2 day shipping ?

A   We use Fedex 2 day and overnight for this. You can select this type shipping at checkout.


Q  How are the Dubia and other feeders counted.

A   Counting is done by first sorting to size to get a sample of feeders close as possible to the same size. Then a manual hand count is done of 300. 

This 300 is used on a Scale that is acurate to .01 Grams or 1/100 of a gram. A Standard weight in Grams is then calculated by the scale by the sample count to give us a weight of each individual nymph or feeder which in turn sets a standard of measure for the scale to use to calculate the count.

After the scale has calculated the Standard weight it now has the capability to count each nymph poured in a Tared container.

Scales with counting features are used all over the industrial market.

The formula the scale uses is simple math. Example, if the manual hand counted sample 300 weighs 15 total Grams this is how it is calculated below.

15 grams/ 300 = .05 grams  so each indiviual feeder weighs out at .05 grams. This calculates to 50 grams every 1000 Nymphs or feeders for this paticular sample.

The scale then uses .05 as the standard for that sort so it can determine the actual count as feeders are introduced on its platform.